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Do you want to have more money? A lot more money?

Join the club.

Welcome to, one of the internet's fastest and easiest way to get money. The Instant Money Club exists to help people in over 30 countries get money ... fast. Cash money. Instant money. Real money. At the Instant Money Club, to get money, you don't need a job, or a college degree, or a tax return, or any collateral.

How much more cash would you like to have?

$300/wk   $500/wk   $1,000/wk   $2,000/wk   more

You can do it with just a computer and a paypal email address. Sounds simple? It is! And there's no limit as to how much money you can get via the Instant Money Club ... and you can get money instantly.

It's not a loan, debt or cash advance. And you never have to pay it back!

Here's how it works
We're a private internet based organization. A private internet based organization that functions as a membership club.

And our members can earn thousands of dollars every week ... just by referring other people who join.

powered by

What makes us different from affiliate programs and other referral type payment programs is our 100% payout. Our members get paid 100% of the annual membership fee paid by every new member they refer to us . As soon as the new member pays the annual membership fee to us we pay the named referring member 100% of that full membership fee, as a referral commission. We pay it via paypal, often the same day! And all new Instant Money Club members are immediately eligible to participate in the membership referral program and earn instant money.

Who can become a member?
Anyone of legal age who is invited (by us) or referred by another member. If you found us via another channel (search engine, etc) you may consider yourself invited to join by us.

You must have a current paypal account (which can receive payments).

Membership is now available in over 30 countries!

Ideal for those who work at home, soccer moms, entreprenuers, network marketers, retirees, webmasters, freelancers, etc. And, if you are part of a good sized network of people, or have a lot of names in your email address book or have a website with a lot of traffic, being a member of the Instant Money Club could make you a lot of instant money!

YOU are invited to join today!


As a member you can earn instant cash money ... lots of instant cash ... just by referring others who join!

How much Instant Money can you earn as a member?

weekly potential chart
(hypothetical only)
$50 annual membership fee

6 new members$300/wk
10 new members$500/wk
15 new members$750/wk
20 new members$1,000/wk
30 new members$1,500/wk
40 new members$2,000/wk
60 new members$3,000/wk
100 new members$5,000/wk

How much instant money can YOU make?
It's directly proportional to the number of new members you refer. How much money you earn is up to you! We put no limit on how much Instant Money you can make. And, as a member, we'll even help you generate new members, and help you earn even more instant money!

How can you refer lots of new members - free and fast?

As a member we'll provide you with FREE tools and tips to help you promote the Instant Money Club to others and make instant money

  • if you have a web site, ezine or newsletter add an Instant Money Club banner or button to your homepage
  • add an Instant Money Club signature to your email
  • tell your friends and co-workers and invite them to join the club

Tools and tips are included in the annual membership - at no extra charge - to all members.

Join Today! Daily payouts!

the Top 3 reasons why you should join today

1) instant money

2) instant money

3) instant money

As a member what do you get?

As a member you will be part of one of the internet's fastest and easiest ways to generate instant money ... cash money ... real money ... for yourself ... your family ... co-workers and friends. As a member, you can become a money magnet ... instantly!

You get Annual Membership, which includes free articles (see a sample), free tools and tips, good links and resources, etc that can start to make your life better ... instantly. Best of all, as an Instant Money Club member, you can also earn real money! Cash. Instant Money. Lots of instant money! And, let's face it, nothing can improve your life better and faster than lots of instant money!


our payout = 100%
of membership fees

Our mission
We at the Instant Money Club want to accomplish 2 things. We want to expand and we want to help more people get more money. And we feel that the best way to do these things is by paying out 100% of the membership fees to existing members who refer new people who join. In fact, we are thrilled to pay our members all the referral commissions they earn. The more the better! And we want our members to continue to refer others who join. That benefits our members and it benefits us. It's a win-win situation!

Note: this is not a multi-level marketing program or a pyramid scheme or a chain letter. The Instant Money Club is a membership based internet club which pays out 100% of its referred membership fees, via paypal. And, as a result, our members can potentially earn a lot of instant money! Get started today!

Your standard of living
Inflation is a fact of life. Prices go up. Things cost more. Every year. At a REAL inflation rate of 5% a year (in the U.S.) that means every 10 years your cost of living goes up 63%. That means, on average, if you are not earning at least 60% more than you did 10 years ago, your standard of living is lower today. And nobody likes to work harder and longer only to have their standard of living decrease.

At an annual inflation rate of 5% you must make at least 5% more money each year ... AFTER taxes ... just to stay even! And, if you want to raise your standard of living, if you want to be able to afford the good (but expensive) things life has to offer you must make even more money.

The Instant Money Club can offer motivated people in over 30 countries an instant opportunity to do just that.

Get more out of life. Get started today!

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