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Top 5 Secrets Of
Network Marketing


Andrew Lawrence

There are secrets you need to know if you want to be a good network marketer, do it right, make it work, and be successful. Here are the top 5 secrets ...

In order to successfully do network marketing you need a network. You need a network of contacts or people you already know or people you meet or website traffic or newsletter subscribers, etc. The more potential customers you have for your product(s) or service(s) the faster and easier you can have success. By success I mean m-o-n-e-y. Unless you are marketing for altruistic reasons, such as saving the world or the rainforest or the environment, or helping to cure a disease or sharing info, etc., as a network marketer you are offering a product or service to your potential customers in order to make money.

If you do not already have an existing network of people to sell to then you have to build one. Building a network from scratch can be done but it takes a lot of effort and time ... and time is money.

Offer a product(s) or service that people can't risk being without, really need, or really want.

There are only 3 motivations in life. Fear, need and greed. You may disagree but it's true that all the reasons why people do something will fall under the categories of fear, need or greed.

Fear means that if a person does not do something or does not have something then something bad can happen. Examples are life insurance, car insurance, not doing your work, etc.

Need means that a person must do or has to have something as a necessity of life. Examples are air, water, food, clothing, shelter, etc.

Greed, which has a bad connotation among many people, in this case means that if person does or has something they believe it will make them feel better, or be happier or it will enhance their life in some way. Examples are a job promotion, more money, a nicer home, more friends, cosmetic surgery, a vacation, losing weight to look better, etc.

Make sure your product(s) or service fits clearly into at least one of the categories of fear, need and greed. The clearer and stronger your product or service triggers a person's fear, need or greed the more likely and easier it is for it to sell. That way you are not trying to convince people that they should buy your product or service but can concentrate on WHY they should buy YOUR product or service and why they should buy it NOW.

Offer a product or service that is in demand. And that is likely to stay in demand long enough for you to be financially successful selling it.

And it's a big plus if your chosen product(s) can be easily stored, easily packaged and easily shipped.

If you are considering network marketing as a part-time or full-time career, are just starting out in network marketing, or are an experienced network marketer, these secrets can give you a jump on the competition and help you become a successful money making network marketer.

  • have (or build) a good network
  • offer a product(s) or service that people can't risk being without, really need, or really want
  • make sure your product(s) or service is a strong trigger for at least one of these 3 categories
  • pick a product or service that is in demand
  • pick a product, if possible, that can be easily stored, easily packaged and easily shipped

Andrew Lawrence is the founder and director of one of the internet's fastest, easiest no-inventory no-shipping network marketing programs,

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